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About Private Schools in Canada

One of the best gifts parents could ever give their children is a great education. That is really interesting that parents today are still particular in deciding which school is best for their children and find ways to teach them there. However, not all are privileged enough to be able to enroll in the schools they prefer.

Best Private Schools in Ontario there are two options in choosing a school: a private or a public school. In Canada at present, it is common for affluent Canadians to send their children to private schools, in fact over 8% of the whole Canadian students are in private schools. There are close to 2,000 private and independent schools in Canada.

What is a private school and is there a difference between private and independent schools? The Canadians define private schools as “fee-supported educational institutions at the primary and secondary level not under direct government control.” The terms private school and independent school are often used interchangeably, even in government publications and regulations.

But the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools association defines independent schools as those that are not-for-profit schools while private schools are generally for profit.

Most private schools charge tuition and a variety of other fees. Many schools fundraise, particularly from alumni. In some provinces, the ministries of education provide some degree of financial support.

In Ontario and the [Atlantic] provinces, independent schools get zero funding from the province.

Schools offering provincial high-school credits usually need to follow the provincial curriculum.

There is an enormous range in school tuition, depending on a number of factors, including day versus boarding, travel options during the school year and the cost of operating the facilities the school maintains. Some small faith-based schools charge less than $10,000. Elite boarding schools can cost north of $60,000 intuition. Most schools include details of basic tuition and other fees on their websites. Fees can include transportation, school uniforms, sports equipment, and other administrative charges.

Many established schools offer financial-needs bursaries, merit scholarships and discounts for more than one child in a family attending the school.

While schools determine how much money is available for bursaries and may make the final disposition at the board level, many schools use Apple Financial Services, a third-party assessment company, to assess needs based on a standard application.

Historically, private education was once denoted as a form of inequality, as less privileged students were not able to avail of this opportunity. For now, parents prefer to send their kids to Toronto private schools because of higher quality education, a better quality of physical infrastructure, finer culture, the established social status, and prestige.

One of the best samples of the high quality private elementary schools in Ontario is Prestige Private School in North York {LINK:}

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