Toronto Campus
21 Eddfield Avenue
Toronto, ON, M2N 2M5
(416) 250-0648

Richmond Hill Campus
11 Headdon Gate
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9W9
(905) 780-6565

About Us

The Prestige School is an independent non-denominational school that offers an enriched education that nurtures critical thinking, character building and leadership development.

Grounded in the knowledge of the individual learning profiles of each student, teachers develop mentoring relationships within small classes that set up each student for success.

Our Mission Statement

All students at The Prestige School are encouraged to think about the three core values our school promotes: wisdom, courage and integrity.

  • Wisdom represents learning, but it also represents thinking before acting, and using the knowledge gained from previous experiences to help make future decisions.
  • Courage suggests not just being heroic when someone needs help, but challenging yourself to try new things, accept a new way of thinking, and standing up for things that are important.
  • Integrity is about being honest – with friends, family, teachers and others – and about remaining fast to your values and morals, even if others are urging you to abandon your principles.

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