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Are you looking for a convenient way for your kids to play and learn basketball, but cannot find and decide between the different clubs that offer the sport?
Let’s see the typical problems you may face when choosing a basketball club.

  • First of all, you become a taxi driver driving your children to all of their activities at different locations. You have to drive them from school and bring them to the club, and then take them from the club and bring them home.
  • There are very few qualified instructors in the various clubs; there might be some people who have played basketball before, but who do not necessarily have a formal education.
  • Also, kids mainly play just between themselves. They do not usually go to tournaments and they do not participate in games with other schools or clubs.
  • Moreover, often times there are problems with the locations; the training takes place in an outdoor gymnasium, the children can only play on specific dates, the change rooms are too small and so on.
But fortunately, we have a solution. The Prestige School is a private school with all the facilities necessary for kids to play and learn.
  • We are very flexible, and we try to accommodate you in various ways: for example, for an additional price, we can offer to pick your child up from school and bring him/her to our school for practice. Then, after practice, we can also drop your child off at your home.
  • Our qualified physical education instructors, with graduate degrees in the field, will teach your child basketball in the most efficient manner.
  • Furthermore, our students periodically participate in multiple school-to-school or school-to-club tournaments, and our indoor gymnasium is fully equipped for multiple sports activities, not just for basketball.
  • Plus, since we are a private school, we can arrange for your child to participate in our private or semi-private tutoring session for an additional price, where we help your child with homework.
  • In addition to basketball, we have a variety of other activities, such as the science club, the computer club, and the dance clubs for you to choose from for different days of the week.

    We have very convenient hours for our clubs, starting right after the regular school hours. This arrangement provides you with a complete solution; we pick your child up and bring him to our school. You child plays basketball and learns under the supervision of qualified instructors, meets and interacts with other children, and has fun and enjoys this quality time. Moreover, children can participate in games with other schools and clubs, and we can even arrange to help your child academically with your homework.
    Keep in mind that your child does not have to be a member of The Prestige Private School in order to participate in any activities- we welcome any child from any school in Toronto.
    So, if you have additional questions, or if you would like to visit our facility and see how it works for yourself, our phone number is below this video.
    Please keep in mind that we have limited space on our teams for the different age groups and we always work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Call us now if you have any questions or would like to visit: (647) 494-9977

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