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Happy Victoria Day Long Weekend!

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Despite the worry, uncertainty and grief brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, we have maintained our reserve and resiliency and have come together as a school community. We have learned to rely on each other and are reminded about the beauty in some of the simpler things in life.

Here are some things you can do during the long weekend at home…you are only limited to your imagination!

Get outside and play!

*Take a nature walk. Go outside! If you’re socially distancing, you can still go on walks and hikes. It’s recommended to keep 3-6 feet between people, but there’s plenty of room out there. Go bird watching, and enjoy this spring weather. If you’re self-isolating, enjoy some time on the patio or in your backyard if you have one.

*Join your children outside for a game of hide and seek, kick the can, or a scavenger hunt

 *Start planning your summer garden! You can even start indoor seeds for a summer garden. It’s a great time to start thinking about getting those herbs and vegetables started indoors. Teach them all about the best time of year to plant what, proper care for each individual plant, and how to handle seeds to ensure a full, luscious garden this summer. This will help you to look forward to warmer, brighter, and easier times.

*Create an obstacle course with toys and games from your garage.

Explore More Indoors!

*Have a local library card? Many local libraries allow you to check out and download e-books! Read aloud to each other, read silently, or take turns reading to each other. You can even start a virtual book club! Choose a book and start an online chat with your friends.

*Play games indoors! Games for younger children include Simon Says, Duck Duck Goose, or Follow the Leader. Older children can play “I Spy,” charades, indoor bowling, or make up new games. Board games are also a fun way to bring the family together.

*Try a new recipe or make dinner as a family; find recipes and tips for cook with children safely on the Cooking with Kids webpage.

*Pop some popcorn and cuddle up for a movie marathon.

 * Turn up the volume and have a family dance party! You can even watch Live Music Concerts.

*Start a Gratitude Journal. Something that has been said again and again is that a practice of gratitude, especially in trying times, can lead to a happier and calmer day-to-day life. Start every day, or end every day, by writing 3 things you’re grateful for, and then write about how you’re feeling. Learning how to deal with emotions through writing can make things much clearer and easier to manage.

*Write Cards to Loved Ones. While you’ve got your pens out, why not write some letters to loved ones? It will be a nice surprise for people to get in the mail while they’re at home, especially people who live alone. Who knows, maybe they’ll get a pen pal! Make it a craft night by designing your own cards by drawing, painting, or creating something digitally.

*Make a scrapbook of souvenirs from a previous vacation.

 *Get the creativity flowing! Give your kids art supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints to create show pieces for your home.

*Attend a virtual class. There are lots of places for free online classes. If you want something specific, learn how to code or music/painting basics or take a quick google to find something your children are specifically interested in!

*Join a virtual event or tour! Museums are closed to help contain the virus, but you can still check them out from the comfort of your home! Check out the Louvre, The British Museum, or The Smithsonian. The Google Arts and Culture site is full of amazing artworks, artists, and history to discover. The Toronto Zoo has a virtual campout and tour happening this weekend (

Regardless of the activities that you choose, remain encouraged that we are travelling this journey together.

Prestige School wishes you and your family a safe and happy Victoria Day long weekend!

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