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Private education or public? What’s the best choice for your child?

Education is an important part of raising children and preparing them to live successful lives. For many families, finding the right school environment isn’t as easy as just enrolling at the local public school. With the information we have today about learning differences and 21st-century skills, not all schools can adequately meet the needs of […]

Let’s compare private and government schools

There are a lot of studies says that it is the kinds of economic and resource advantages their parents can give students — as well as the level of parental involvement in their kid’s education —that determines success or failure in high school. A lot of education experts seem to concur on most of that […]

History of Canadian private schools in a brief

In Canada since the Constitution Act of Canada in 1867, Canadian private and independent schools have been regulated by the educational authority of their province or territory, the Ministry of Education, and must meet those regulations in order to operate. That is why, all the standards of private educational institutions share more similarities than differences. […]

Do private schools provide a better education than public schools?

A lot of Canadians seem to think like that. In a 2018 survey, two-thirds of Canadian parents said they would take their children out of the state system and send them to a private school if they can afford it. Education experts seem to concurrently agree to that opinion. The study suggests vouchers for private […]

Why do parents like private schooling?

Education in public schools remains the dominant form of education in Canada, though given the findings of a recent study, that’s changing. The new data indicates that parents are increasingly looking at independent private schools for more choice in how their children are educated. What first catches a parent’s attention is the number of students […]

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