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Our Adventure to the Land of Dreams was a magical one and took place on Thursday, December 13th. Just after 3 pm, the audience had the chance to enjoy a beautiful production and to meet some interesting characters such as Karamela, Barbie, Gorgona, Undina, Ken, the Raccon, the Wise Snake and many more.

The students were excited to participate in the production and did a great job acting out their roles, singing and dancing. Our gym was filled with beautiful decorations that were made by Mr. Vlad and his students, and that created the perfect backdrop for our adventure.

We would like to thank all of the parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and friends who attended. A special thank you goes out to: Allen’s mom (Grade 4), Dennis’s parents (Grade 4), Stacey’s mom (Grade 5), Alex T’s mom (Grade 5), Anthony’s parents (Grade 5), Daniel A’s grandma (Grade 3), Nicholas’s mom (Grade 5), and Anton D’s parents (Grade 3) for all their help. Last but not least, a great round of applause goes out to all the students that participated, as well as to Ms. Olga and Ms. Larissa for organizing, choreographing, and planning the event, and to Mr. Vlad for the wonderful decorations.

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