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Volume 15 Issue 04 – September 28, 2018


On Tuesday, September 25th, Prestige School held this year’s first character education assembly for respect. Many students have been respectful this month, but some have been noticeably more. The students who received this month’s certificate are:

PS/JK: Oulianna P.

SK: Timothy D.

Gr. 1: Eva F. and Timur P.

Gr. 2: Viktor Z.

Gr. 3: Amelia S. and Dmitri M.

Gr. 4: Aryan S. and Eva R.

Gr. 5: Maria B.

Gr. 6: Jenny Y.

Gr. 7: Francisca D.

Gr. 8: Harrison M, Jordan, S., and Chloe D.

October’s character trait is TEAMWORK.

Teamwork is working together to complete a task effectively and efficiently.

“Talent wins games but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

– Michael Jordan

Mrs. Amanda and the grade 5s performed skits to explain teamwork to the school. Great job grade 5s!




Ms. Vanessa and the grade 3 class will be hosting a Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration for all high school students on Friday, October 5th during high school lunch in the grade 3 homeroom (208-13).

Grade 3’s will be teaching our international students about Thanksgiving traditions, and pie will be served. Come and enjoy Thanksgiving the Canadian way!







On Monday, September 24th, students in grades 9 to 12 went to Treetop Trekking in Barrie to participate in the Zip Line and Aerial Game Trek programs. Students had a fun-filled day climbing and zipping from tree to tree.

For more pictures, check out the school’s gallery:







On Wednesday, September 26th, students in KG to grade 2 went to the Toronto Botanical Garden to participate in the Munchkins in the Garden and Garden Dwellers programs. Students discovered the wide range of creatures that live in the gardens and learned how they meet their needs all year long.

For more pictures, check out the school’s gallery:







On Thursday, September 27th, Prestige School participated in the Terry Fox National School Run Day. Students ran a supervised route around the neighbourhood to show their support for cancer research.

Prestige School raised $1453. We did not meet our goal of $2000 this year, so Mr. Quick does not get sprayed with silly string. Thank you to everyone that brought in donations. This will make a difference towards cancer research.

For more pictures, check out the school’s gallery:





Sept. 24 – Oct. 5

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Oct. 1 – 3

Parent Teacher Interviews (Gr. 1 – 12)

Fri. Oct. 5

Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration (Gr. 9 – 12)

Mon. Oct. 8

Thanksgiving (No School)

Fri. Oct. 12

Talent Show @ 3:00 p.m.

Fri. Oct. 19

High School Preliminary Report Cards

Sat. Oct. 20

Private School Expo

Mon. Oct. 22

SSAF U12 Indoor Soccer Tournament (Gr. 5/6)

Character Education Assembly – Teamwork

ROM Field Trip (Gr. 9 – 12)

Wed. Oct. 24

Brooks Farm Field Trip (KG – gr. 2)


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