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Volume 16 Issue 04 – September 27, 2019


On Monday, September 23rd, kindergarten to grade 2 got to visit the animals at the Toronto Zoo! The students started off with a lesson on growth and change, which included learning about a particular animal’s classification, adaptation and life cycle. Students then got to put their new knowledge to good use by exploring the different exhibits on a self-guided tour!

Students had a great time exploring and learning.



On Wednesday, September 25th, the high school students (grades 9-12) took part in a mobile escape room adventure in our own parking lot!

In teams, high school students entered one of two large Circus Buses to partake in a themed mission in order to “escape” the room. A successful escape required the teams to work together to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room.

All teams escaped successfully and had an awesome time!



Vanessa and the grade 4s introduced this month’s character trait at the assembly on Tuesday. The grade 4s performed two skits demonstrating responsibility. They reminded the school that students should keep responsibility in mind when making decisions and acting on those decisions.

The grade 4s also handed out certificates to last month’s character trait winners. The students who demonstrated the most amount of courage for the month of September were:

Nicole F. (Preschool/JK), Aran M. (Gr. 1), Joshua C. (Gr.2), Nikita T. (Gr.3), Alexander P. (Gr.4), Andrei T. (Gr.5), Maria B. (Gr. 6), Gabriel L. (Gr.7). Great work students!



Ms. Yana and her executive team (Paul Margold, David Dvaladze, Nikita Chebountchak, David Kotenko and Max Marko) had a great time at the DECA Symposium this Tuesday. The day kicked off with an enthusiastic keynote speaker, followed by leadership activities, event tips, and mock role-plays.

It was an exciting and productive day!



On Thursday, September 26th, students from Kindergarten all the way to grade 12 took part in the Terry Fox Run to help raise money for cancer research! Students gave it their all, running multiple laps around the surrounding neighbourhood.

We were able to raise a grand total of $1,121.00! Great work Prestige!



Prestige School will be competing in the following tournaments in October:

1) Under 12 Co-ed Soccer Tournament on October 21st at The Hanger in Downsview Park. Our team will include players from grades 4-6 (born in 2008 or later).

2) Elementary Soccer Tournament on October 29th at The Hanger at Downsview Park. Our team will include players from grades 7-8.

If you have any questions about these tournaments, please see Mr. Quick.



Sept. 27 – 29

Ontario Universities’ Fair

Oct. 1-3

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Oct 1-11

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Oct. 4

High School Progress Report Cards Handed Out

Oct. 11

Pizza Lunch

Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration (High School Students)

Oct. 14

Thanksgiving- No School

Oct. 18

High School Preliminary Report Cards Handed Out

Talent Show

Oct. 21

U12 Co-ed Soccer Tournament

Downey’s Farm Trip – KG- Gr.2

Oct. 20

Open House – Prestige School Toronto Campus

Oct. 23

Mississauga Living Arts Field Trip- Gr.3-4


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