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Volume 16 Issue 12 – November 22, 2019

KG—Gr. 2 Field Trip to High Park 

On Wednesday, November 20th, students went to the High Park Nature Centre where they took part in the Busy Little Squirrels Workshop. Students got to spend time outside exploring Toronto’s changing season through the eyes of a squirrel! Students were busy collecting seeds, hiding from hawks, playing squirrely games, counting squirrel preys and activating their squirrel senses.

By participating in this workshop, students were able to cover the Ontario grade 1 science curriculum expectation of needs and characteristics of living things.

Students had a great time exploring and learning!


Waterloo Math Contest

On Wednesday, November 20th, the following students participated in the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Senior and Intermediate mathematics contests: Felix, David D., David K., Jacob, Alexandra and Nikita from grade 9; Daniel from grade 10; Paul and Patricia from grade
11; and Alexander, Patty, Bob, Lewis, Yvonne, Irene, Mia and Eden from grade 12.

Students have been preparing for the contest by practicing and improving their problem solving skills. The results, along with certificates, will be announced and handed out soon.

Stay Tuned!


The Chef Upstairs Field Trip Reminder

Students in high school and grades 3-8 will be going to The Chef Upstairs, where they will take part in a cooking workshop. During this workshop, students will have the opportunity to prepare their own three– course meal!

High school students will be going on Wednesday, November 27th and grades 3-8 will not be going until Thursday, January 30th.

Just a reminder that the trip form and money for the grade 3-8 trip to The Chef Upstairs will be due no later than Wednesday, November 27th.


High School Student Council

High School student council is officially in the works! Mr. Briggs and the high school students are currently in the process of elections and will be announcing the council soon.

The council’s purpose and objective is to represent the high school students of Prestige School, voice the concerns of the students and unify the student body through social activities and community service opportunities.

Stay tuned!


Upcoming Reminders

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

Just a reminder that on Friday, November 29th, midterm report cards will be handed out to elementary students. Students must bring the signed response form back to school with the yellow envelope. This day will also be a casual day, so students can forgo their uniforms for casual wear.

Also, our annual Winter Concert will be held on Friday, December 13th. The concert will take place at Northview Heights Secondary School and will start at 6pm. If your child needs transportation to the concert, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know by writing in their agenda.

Thank you!



Nov. 23rd

DECA Regional Exam Pt. 2

Nov. 27th

The Chef Upstairs Field Trip (High School)

Nov. 28th

Variety Village Field Trip (Gr.3-7)

Nov. 29th

Elementary Report Cards Handed Out To Students

High School Progress Report Cards Handed Out To Students

Casual Day

Dec. 2-20th

Holiday Food Drive

Dec. 6th

Pizza Lunch

Dec. 9th

High School Progress Report Cards Handed Out To Students

Dec. 13th

Winter Concert


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