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Volume 16 Issue 14 – December 6, 2019

This Year’s Winter Concert!

Friday, December 13th is the day of our annual winter concert! Students and teachers have been hard at work making sure they put on a great and memorable show! The concert will start at 6pm and will take place at Northview Heights Secondary School at Bathurst and Finch.

Parents and guardians, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know whether or not your child will be taking the bus to the concert.

If you are picking up and driving your child to the concert, it’s best that they get picked up after school at 4:00pm, as the buses will be starting to pick up students around this time to head to the concert location.

Students will be dressing up in costumes throughout the concert and dances. If you are unsure what is required for your child’s costume, please make sure to contact their homeroom teacher so they can let you know.
We look forward to seeing you all at the concert!


Holiday Food Drive

The holiday food drive officially started this Monday, December 2nd! Our holiday wrapped boxes at the front of the school have been filling up thanks to the students and teachers who have brought in non-perishable items this week. If you have not already donated, please make sure you bring the donated items by Wednesday, December 18th.

You can see all those who donated by admiring the ‘giving tree’ at the front of the school filled with red hearts!


Upcoming High School Reminders

Dear Students, Parents/Guardians,

Prestige will be handing out two separate reports before the start of exams in January: preliminary and progress reports. The dates are as follows:

December 18th—Preliminary report cards handed out.

January 10th—Progress report cards handed out.

High school exams will be taking place during the week of January 20– 27th, and second semester starts on January 29th Final report cards will be handed out to students on Thursday, February 6th.


Icy Weather—Parking Lot

With the weather reaching below zero and the recent freezing rain and snow, the school parking lot (front and back) have become very treacherous. Our maintenance staff works diligently to maintain the parking lot and walkway by shovelling and salting these areas. However, we still want to encourage parents/guardians and students to be careful when walking to and from the parking lot.

Thank you!


December 20th—Early Dismissal

Friday, December 20th is the last day of school before holiday break! A reminder to parents that we will have an early dismissal on this day. School buses will be arriving at 1:45pm, which means pick up is no later than 2:00pm. Parents/ guardians whose child does not take the bus, please ensure you plan according on this day. School will start back up on January 6th.

Thank you!



Dec. 2-18th

Holiday Food Drive

Dec. 13th

Winter Concert (6– 8 pm at Northview Heights Secondary School)

Dec. 18th

High School Preliminary Report Cards Handed Out To Students

Dec. 20th

Early Dismissal (2:00pm)—Last Day Before Winter Break

Pizza Lunch & Casual Day

Dec. 23rd—Jan. 3rd

Winter Break

Jan. 10th

High School Progress Report Cards Given To Students

Jan. 17th

Pizza Lunch

Jan. 20-27th

High School Exams

Jan. 28

High School P.D Day


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