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Volume 16 Issue 16 – December 20, 2019

December Character Trait Assembly

This month’s character trait was wisdom, and grade 7 students performed a skit to demonstrate the meaning the of wisdom and how to show it on a daily basis. The grade 7 students also handed out the certificates for November’s character trait, which was compassion. The students who received a certificate this month were:

JK: Nicole P.
SK: Ouliana P. & Vlad Z.
Gr. 1: Miranda K.
Gr. 2: Amrit M.
Gr.3: Abigail G.
Gr.4: Kati K.
Gr. 5: Samuel Z.
Gr. 6: Bogdan P.
Gr.7: Alexandra T.
Gr. 8: James W.

Congratulations students!


Holiday Food Drive

From December 2nd until December 18th, Ms. Irene organized the annual holiday food drive. We had quite a successful year, filling up more boxes than any other year! Thank you to all the students who brought non-perishable items to donate to those less fortunate this holiday season.

Andrei (gr. 5), Sophia V. (gr.7) and Sheina (Gr. 8), along with Mr. Briggs and Mr. Konstantin ,brought the boxes to fire station #143 so that the many items could be delivered to those in need.


December 20th—Holiday Parties!

Students from kindergarten to grade 8 had a great time celebrating the holidays with their homeroom teachers on the last day of school before winter break.

Students enjoyed lots of delicious desserts and snacks, watched movies, drank hot chocolate, made crafts and played board games. It was a nice break from school work and students had a great time hanging out and having fun with their friends.

Happy Holidays!


Winter Break— January 6th

Today was the last day of school before winter break. Prestige School will be closed and will re-open on Monday, January 6th. Classes will also resume on this day. Prestige School wishes parents/guardians and students a restful and happy holidays spent with family and friends.

We will see everyone on Monday, January 6th!



Dec. 23rd—Jan. 3rd

Winter Break

Jan. 10th

High School Progress Report Cards Given To Students

Jan. 17th

Pizza Lunch

Jan. 20-27th

High School Exams

Jan. 28th

High School P.D Day

Jan. 29th

Mississauga Living Art Centre Field Trip (KG — Gr.2)

Chinese New Year Lunch (High School)

Jan. 30th

The Chef Upstairs Field Trip (Gr. 3-7)

Jan. 31st

Pizza Lunch & Casual Day

Feb. 6th

High School Final Report Cards Handed Out To Students


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