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Volume 16 Issue 23 – February 21, 2020


On Sunday, February 16th, select students from grades 1-8 participated in The Royal Canadian Legion Public Speaking Competition. Students bravely went on stage in front of a large audience to show off their public speaking talents. Students memorized their speech and delivered it with confidence and poise.

In the primary division (grades 1-3), students from Prestige School all managed to place in the top three! A huge congratulations goes out to Aydin K. (grade 3) for competing in first place, Alexander S. (grade 1) for placing second and Matthew T. (grade 2) for coming in 3rd place!

Two Prestige School students from the intermediate division (grades 7-9) also placed in the top three. A huge congratulations goes out to Edwin I. (grade 8) for placing 2nd and Gabriel L. (grade 7) for coming in 3rd!

A proud shout out also goes out to Amrit M. (grade 2),  Eviella D. (grade 3), Reginald Y. (grade 6), Sophia V. (grade 7), Nikita T. (grade 7), Sasha B. (grade 7) and Sheina V. (grade 8) for going on stage and competing. You gave it your all and Prestige School is very proud of you!

Students from grades 4-8 who also submitted poems, essays and posters in November for the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Literary Contest, also received certificates for placing in the top 3 in their categories. A special congratulations goes out to:

Junior Division (Gr. 4-6) Poem/ Essay:

1st place: Elizabeth V. (Gr. 5- Essay)

1st place: Ilana B. (Gr. 5- Poem)

2nd place: Alisa T. (Gr. 5- Poem)

3rd place: Reginald Y. (Gr. 6- Poem)

Junior Division (Gr. 4-6) Colour Poster:

1st Place: Avleen M. (Gr. 5)

Intermediate Division (Gr. 7-9) Black and White Poster:

1st place: Anna S. (Gr. 7)

3rd place: Nikita T. (Gr. 7)

Intermediate Division (Gr. 7-9) Poem/Essay:

1st place: Gabriel L. ( Gr. 7- Essay)

2nd place: Alexandra T. (Gr. 7- Poem)

3rd place: Beatrice S. (Gr. 7- Poem)

Well done, Prestige School!

Great job students! 


On Wednesday, February 19th, students from grades 1-8 received their preliminary report cards. Students received marks for each subject along with various learning skills. The preliminary report card needs to be signed by the student’s parent/guardian and brought back to their homeroom teacher by Monday, February 24th.

Thank you!


There are two important math competitions taking place Tuesday and Thursday of next week. The first competition, taking place on Tuesday, February 25th, will be the Waterloo Math Competitions for grades 9-12. The second contest, which is taking place on Thursday, February 27th, is the Math League Contest for grades 5-8. There will be schedule changes on these days to ensure that students get enough time to complete the contests.

Students have been preparing for these competitions over the past few weeks. We wish them good luck!


To Parents/Guardians,

Wednesday, March 11th is Prestige School’s annual International Cafe. Students will be touring classes throughout the day learning about various countries and tasting the cuisine. 

Students will be touring classes until 2:30 pm and then will be getting ready for the concert. Parents should arrive at around 2:45 pm in order to settle down and get seated for the beginning of the concert at 3:00 p.m. The International Cafe Concert will take place in the gymnasium.

After the concert, parents and guardians are invited to visit each homeroom class to see decorations and try some food.

All clubs, including homework club, are cancelled on Wednesday, March 11th

Thank you!


Feb. 24th

Toronto Humane Society Field Trip (High School)

Elementary Preliminary Report Cards- Signed and Handed Back To Teachers

Feb. 25th

Waterloo Math Competition (Gr.9-11)

Character Trait Assembly Initiative (@ 2:15pm)

Feb. 27th

Math League Contest (Gr. 5-8)

Mess For Fun Field Trip (KG- Gr. 2)

Feb. 28th

Horseshoe Valley Field Trip (Gr. 3-4)

Casual Day

Mar. 1st

Open House Event 11-2p.m

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