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Volume 16 Issue 26 – March 13, 2020


On Wednesday, March 11th, Prestige School held their annual International Cafe. It was a very successful one thanks to the teachers, staff, students, parents and guardians who made this day possible; this included costume design, food preparation, decoration design and creating  and organizing performances. Thank you!

Students spent the day traveling to each country learning and tasting the delicious food. Students also hosted other classes, by serving food and preparing a presentation for each class!

Prestige School ensured that staff and students were practicing safe food handling practices with the use of gloves, constant hand washing and hand sanitizer. 

Students and teachers got to explore and learn more about the following countries:

KG: The State of Hawaii

Gr. 1:India

Gr. 2: Croatia

Gr. 3: Hungary

Gr.4: Argentina

Gr. 5: Ireland

Gr. 6: Switzerland

Gr. 7: Japan

Gr. 8: Madagascar

Please check out our website gallery to see more pictures !


Prestige School will be following the advice given by the Minister of Education and Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and will remain closed until April 5th in response to the emergence in Ontario of COVID-19. Students will have March Break from March 16th-20th. From March 23rd to April 5th, students will continue their learning daily on Google Classroom. Teachers will be posting daily lessons, activities, homework and assignments for students to do during the two weeks that the school will be closed. While we switch to instructions online temporarily, we appreciate your patience and understanding.

Any students who are returning from travel outside of Canada must NOT return to school for 14 days upon return from any international travel, must self-isolate and self-monitor for COVID-19 symptoms for 14 days upon return, and if symptoms develop to contact your local Public Health Department.

We will be sending out  a questionnaire for all families to fill out prior to our return. All families will be required to email the questionnaire back to the school by Friday, April 3rd . If we do not receive your signed questionnaire by the deadline, those students will not be permitted to enter the building.

We are doing our best to keep our school community safe. We wholeheartedly thank you for your cooperation.


For the safety of our students amid the COVID19 pandemic, Prestige School has decided to cancel all field trips that were to take place during March and April. This includes the following trips: the grade 4 field trip to Medieval Times on March 26th , the KG- grade 2 field trip to Little Red Theatre on April 21st, the grade 3-8 field trip to the Mississauga Living Arts centre on April 27th, and the high school field trip to the Ontario Science Centre on April 29th.

If you have any more questions about field trip cancellations, please contact the office. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but the safety of students and teachers are our main concern. 


Instead of high school students going to  the Ontario Science Centre for their April field trip, they will be taking part in a Career Interest Workshop held by Career Occupational Placement System. They will be coming to Prestige School to help students learn about their greatest occupational interests and how these interests can lead to meaningful and sustainable careers. The session will include a 168 question occupational interest questionnaire, booklets of sample careers, activities to help narrow down students’ choices and more!

The workshop will be help on Wednesday, April 29th. For grades 8-10, the workshop will run from 9:30am-12pm and for grades 11-12 ,it will run from 1pm-3:30pm.

Have fun students!

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