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Volume 16 Issue 27 – March 27, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians,

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding through what is an unparalleled time. We are sure everyone is feeling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty right now with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related physical closure to the school. We realize that there has been growing pains on the home front as parents and children work together on establishing new routines working remotely. We hope that by now, you can all rest assured that measures are indeed being taken to ensure the quality and integrity of your child’s academic experience at Prestige School.

It has been our goal this week to continue to support our students and families by offering a comprehensive online academic program. We are committed to offering the best possible curriculum forum that we can. In addition to our previously utilized Google Classroom platform, we have also instituted ZOOM video conferencing to allow for the simulation of daily classes and adhere to your child’s weekly schedule and lessons. We have also recommended a variety of sites including Scholastic and Epic Books in order to further engage our students and broaden their learning. Whether parents are connected via laptops, televisions, iPads or phones, we are all working towards the best possible accessibility for our students.

We recognize that some students may not have the ability to withstand a full day or week of consistent screen time. In this case we would suggest Zoom with audio only so that the student can at least listen to the lesson and still gain pertinent knowledge. Another option may be for the student to consult Google Classroom daily to gain information on homework or class material. Although we would highly recommend attendance at ZOOM meetings to receive the thorough benefit of the educational experience and ensure continued learning, should it become a challenge for students, full participation in video meetings is not mandatory. The only students required to attend all classes would be those registered in our High School program. We fully expect that our younger learners may need to occasionally just use their class pages on Google Classroom to proceed with daily work and expectations. In this case, video conferencing should be incorporated wherever possible. For our upper grade students, teachers will make professional assessments on how best to conduct and present lessons and material depending on learning goals and expectations. There will be an amalgamation of posted lessons on Google Classroom, video conferencing and even independent work and projects. Ideally, we hope students can keep to their regular timetable schedule while working remotely and assignments should be submitted on a daily or weekly basis. And, through it all, Prestige School teachers will be available online during the school day to respond to questions and comments about all academic activities should the necessity arise.

Along with delivering curriculum variety of platforms and serving a myriad of ages incorporated in our PS-12 school, as a gesture of goodwill, we have decided to cancel all PA Days henceforth and extend our academic calendar to June 30, 2020.We truly care about our students and are devoted to continuing our efforts to keep them fully engaged, foster their achievement and give them the opportunity to reach their fullest potential.

As the week unfolded, we hope that we have demonstrated that Prestige School will continue to offer our exceptional academic program to all our students even in this global crisis. Our teachers and administration alike are working, and will continue to work, daily to ensure the ultimate online learning experience, considering all constructive feedback and fine-tuning the system if the need arises as to meet everyone’s needs.

With the support of Prestige School parents, we can and will navigate this difficult time together!

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