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Volume 17 Issue 7 -December 18, 2020

Beaver Computing Challenge

Prestige School wants to congratulate the following students who competed in the Beaver Computing Contest:

Grade 5/6 division
1st Place (with perfect scores):
Anthony N.(6), Matthew S.(5), Andrei T.(6), Nathan W.(6)
2nd Place (with perfect scores):
Ariella I.(6), Marlena I.(6), Nicolas J.(6), Mete S.(5)
3rd Place: Michael K.(6)

Grade 7/8 division
1st Place (with equal scores): Alexandra T.(8), Hana M.(8)
2nd Place (with equal scores): Sophia K.(8), Anna S.(8), Mia S.(8)
3rd Place (with equal scores): Nikita T.(8), Beatrice S.(8), Sophia V.(8), Reginald Y.(7)

Food Drive

Prestige School would like to thank all parents, students, and
teachers for donating to our annual food drive. We received
an overwhelming amount of food, clothing, and hygiene products
that will be greatly appreciated by those in need. This year, our donations will be given to the Yonge Streets Mission, and Oasis Clothing Bank.

We would also like to say a special thank you to Alisa A. (grade 3) and her family for their generous contributions to the food drive.

Winter Concert and Masquerade

The Masquerade Ball and the K-Grade 2 Winter Concert were a big success! Students enjoyed performing for their parents and guardians, even over Zoom.


A friendly reminder to parents and guardians to watch out for Prestige School’s new policy that will be effective in January.

Important dates:

January 4 -8 Back to School online

January 11- Back to School in person (Kindergarten to Grade 8)

January 22-28 High School Exams

January 25 – Back to School in person (High School)

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