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Volume 18 Issue 18 – June 17, 2022


Prestige School had graduation ceremonies for the SK, grade 8 and 12 students this week. Students proudly received their diplomas and certificates. Good luck next year! Prestige School would like to wish all our graduating students success in their futures.


On Thursday, June 16th, Prestige School had June’s character education assembly for PERSEVERANCE. Many students have been optimistic this month, but some have been noticeably more. The students who received this month’s certificate are:

JK: Daniel

SK: Ronalda

Gr. 1: Daniel and Nicole

Gr. 2: Avelea and Alexander

Gr. 3: Ariana

Gr. 4: Vladimir

Gr. 5: Lali and Michael

Gr. 6: Anthony

Gr. 7: Ilana and Aryan

Gr. 8: Bogdan


Prestige School is proud to announce the following winners from the following mathematics contests. Congratulations! Prestige School is proud of all of you.


Canadian Intermediate Mathematics Contest – Gr. 9/10

Medal and Certificate of Distinction: William (gr. 10)

Certificate of Distinction: Alexandra (gr. 9)

Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest – Gr. 11/12

Medal and Certificate of Distinction: Jacob (gr. 11)

Certificate of Distinction: Max and Polina (gr. 11)

Pascal Contest – Gr. 9

Medal and Certificate of Distinction: Anthony (gr. 7)

Certificate of Distinction: Leon (gr. 8) and Alexandra (gr. 10)

Cayley Contest – Gr. 10

Medal and Certificate of Distinction: William (gr. 10)

Fermat Contest – Gr. 11

Medal and Certificate of Distinction: Jacob (gr. 11)

Certificate of Distinction: David K. (gr. 11)

Gauss Contest – Gr. 7

Outstanding Achievement: Anthony and Sonya (gr. 7)

Certificate of Distinction: Matthew, Tom, Denis, Mete (gr. 6), Andrei, and Nathan (gr. 7)

Gauss Contest – Gr. 8

Outstanding Achievement: Leon and Eric (gr. 8)

Certificate of Distinction: Reginald, Emre, and Bogdan (gr. 8)


Grade 3:

Ayesha (wrote the 4th grade league competition)

Grade 4:

1st: Elia

2nd: Lucas

3rd: Alice

Grade 5:

1st: Eva

2nd: Rafael

Grade 6 (second place out of 124 schools in Ontario):

1st: Tom and Matthew

2nd: Mete

3rd: Anderson

4th: Elizabeth M.

Grade 7 (second place out of 120 schools in Ontario):

1st: Anthony

2nd: Andrei and Nathan

3rd: Morgan

4th: Sonya

Grade 8 (tenth place out of 118 schools in Ontario):

1st: Leon

2nd: Reginald

3rd: Eric

4th: Claire

5th: Maria


Prestige School had two end of year concerts – grades 3 to 8 and KG to grade 2. Students performed International Café themed skits and dances and they all were amazing!

Kindergarten: Kenyan dance

Grade 1: Finnish dance

Grade 2: Scottish dance

Grade 3: Shakespearean poetry

Grade 4: Korean dance

Grade 5: Australian skit

Grade 6: Dutch skit

Grade 7: Italian dance

Grade 8: Mexican dance (girls) and synchronized swimming dance (boys)

Thank you to Ms. Olga for organizing the elementary concert. Thank you to the KG to grade 2 homeroom teachers for organizing the primary concert. Thank you to all the homeroom teachers for planning the performances and rehearsing with their students. Thank you to Beatrice, Sophia, Alexander, and Nikita (gr. 10) for assisting Ms. Olga.


On Monday, June 13th, students in KG to grade 2 enjoyed exploring the Treewalk Village. Students faced their fears and had great adventures at Treetop Trekking! Check out our gallery for more pictures.


June 16 – 22

High School Exams

June 23

High School P.D. Day

June 24

High School P.D. Day

Pizza Lunch

Elementary Final Report Cards

Last Day of School

Early Dismissal @ 2 p.m.

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