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Online Classes

First and foremost, we would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding through what is an unparalleled time. We are sure everyone is feeling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty right now with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and the related physical closure to the school. We realize that there has been growing pains on the home front as parents and children work together on establishing new routines working remotely. We hope that by now, you can all rest assured that measures are indeed being taken to ensure the quality and integrity of your child’s academic experience at Prestige School.

It has been our goal this week to continue to support our students and families by offering a comprehensive online academic program. We are committed to offering the best possible curriculum forum that we can. In addition to our previously utilized Google Classroom platform, we have also instituted ZOOM video conferencing to allow for the simulation of daily classes and adhere to your child’s weekly schedule and lessons. We have also recommended a variety of sites including Scholastic and Epic Books in order to further engage our students and broaden their learning. Whether parents are connected via laptops, televisions, iPads or phones, we are all working towards the best possible accessibility for our students.

As the week unfolded, we hope that we have demonstrated that Prestige School will continue to offer our exceptional academic program to all our students even in this global crisis. Our teachers and administration alike are working, and will continue to work, daily to ensure the ultimate online learning experience, considering all constructive feedback and fine-tuning the system if the need arises as to meet everyone’s needs.

With the support of Prestige School parents, we can and will navigate this difficult time together!

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