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Why do parents like private schooling?

Education in public schools remains the dominant form of education in Canada, though given the findings of a recent study, that’s changing. The new data indicates that parents are increasingly looking at independent private schools for more choice in how their children are educated.

What first catches a parent’s attention is the number of students that attend an independent school, totaling 6.8 percent of the national K to 12 student population. There’s a higher percentage in some provinces, Ontario’s numbers are double that of the national average. A greater number of parents are choosing to have their children educated outside of the public school system, they prefer independent private education, like a Private Prestige School in North York and Richmond Hill
In Canada, parents of over than 369,000 students ( almost one of every fifteen students in Canada) are sending their children to one of the 1,938 independent, non-government schools in the country. They are choosing schools that differ in many ways from one another, the vast majority of which do not conform to the prevailing opinion that private schools in Canada are exclusive enclaves serving only the wealthy urban elite.

Increasing levels of urbanization and immigration and a shift to a knowledge-based economy requiring more highly skilled workers have intensified pressure on schools to reform the common schooling model. In a similar vein, parents seeking more voice in the socialization and education of their children have looked for schools more in line with their family values, child-rearing practices, and aspirations for their children.
So while there may be good reasons to send your child to a public school, thinking that it will provide them with a higher-quality education is probably misguided. Canadian private schools do the best job of educating students, that’s real fact. This needs to be recognized so that more parents are confident in the quality of education their children are receiving.

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