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Volume 17 Issue 8 – January 22, 2021

Fun with Virtual Learning

Ms. Catherine and the Grade 6s attended the Live Virtual Learning with Toronto Zoo about Habitats and Communities at an intermediate level.

Music Classes

In Ms. Catherine’s music classes, students have been participating in interactive lessons where they are separated into breakout rooms and create music on a shared piano. Music lessons have also involved body movement to get students moving and practicing beat and rhythm.

The Grade 3s have been recreating melodies of familiar tunes on a program and presenting it to their classmates to guess the melody. Ms. Catherine provides her students with a chance to channel their inner Kandinsky by creating art through the sound of music.


There has been a lot of excitement in math class these past few weeks! The Grade 4s  have been practicing conversions and the Grade 5s have become masters in doing  mental math problems with percents. Grade 5s can even attempt to help their parents  with their taxes. The Grade 6s have done amazing presentations! They were given the  task to choose any math topic and create a presentation on it. Mrs. Irene was wowed  by how well the presentations were made! She cannot wait to see the rest! Both the  Grade 7s and 8s have been solving very complicated problems at the high school level  with ease. Soon, everyone will begin practicing for the upcoming math contests in the spring. 

To view one of the grade 6’s presentation, click on the following link:


In Grade 7 Geography with Ms. Brittney, students completed a  group research task in breakout rooms on different perspectives on natural resources. They will begin a group project soon  on current events in natural resources. Students experienced a  virtual tour of a grain farm by an expert Ontario grain farmer in  Peterborough. The Grade 8s have been exploring global distributions  of wealth in a unit on economic development, by watching videos, reading articles, and participating in class discussions. 

Social Studies

In Social Studies with Ms. Brittney, the Grade 5s and 6s have enjoyed working in breakout rooms to explore Vietnamese and Korean cultures, and the Ming and Qing dynasties. Grade 6 enjoyed a virtual tour of the Forbidden City in  Beijing, an imperial palace that was constructed during the Ming Dynasty!

Legion Speech Contest

Grades 4-8 have been preparing for their upcoming Speech  Contest with Ms. Angela. Students have been discussing the  key elements of a successful speech, analyzing and taking  part in body language activities, and preparing a 3-5 minute  speech. With the Legion contest suspended, we are hoping  to hold an intramural school contest once we are back to  in-person attendance. Students chose to talk about a wide  array of topics, so we are looking forward to learning a lot of  new information and fun facts from each other.

High School Exams

High School students will be writing their exams from  January 25-28. Tutorials began on Friday, January 22nd.  Good luck, high school students!

New Schedule

Elementary students will receive new schedules once the  second semester for high school begins (February 1st).  Please keep an eye out for these changes.

Important dates:

January 25-28 High School Exams

February 9 High School Final Report Cards

February 15 Family Day, School is closed

February 23 High School Progress Report Cards
Math contests:
Pascal (gr. 9),
Cayley (gr.10),
Fermat (gr. 11)

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