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Volume 17 Issue 1 – October 2, 2020

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for your cooperation and patience over the past few weeks as the Prestige School community has worked industriously to ensure a safe and successful start to the school year. We could not have done it without the help of our dedicated teachers and supportive parents. We will all need to continue to demonstrate flexibility and ongoing collaboration in order to formulate and implement the best approach to establishing daily routines and operational procedures


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! In honour of this season of giving, The Prestige School Campus will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive!

During this season, we hope to teach and remind our students about what it means to be thankful. Many of us are truly fortunate to have family, opportunities, and basic needs to be thankful for. Unfortunately, there are those who struggle especially during the holiday seasons. Our school would like to give back to the community and help those who may need a little extra help this Thanksgiving.

During the week of October 4th, a food donation box will be placed in the front area of the school in hopes to receive nonperishable food donations/hygiene products from our students and their families. At the end of this period, the donation box will be delivered to the local Community Food Bank. 

Families are welcome to make as many donations as they feel comfortable. 

Most needed food and household items include:

  • Pasta (canned or dry) and pasta sauces
  • Canned meats and fish
  • Canned goods (beans, soups, and stews)
  • Dairy (canned and powdered milk)
  • Canned vegetables and fruit
  • Whole grain cereals
  • Instant foods and baby formula
  • Bathroom tissue and diapers
  • Personal hygiene products

Scholastic Book Orders for October

Back to school may look different this year, but Reading Club still has a great selection of books that are now deliverable to your own home. There is no more paper order form or submitting your order to your child’s teacher – you order online, whenever you like! 

To view the selections or to order go to 

Be sure to use my Teacher Class Code: RC209304

After School Clubs

After school clubs will begin the week of October 12th. To ensure everyone’s safety, ALL students who attend clubs are required to wear masks. Spaces are limited and students will be admitted on a first come first serve basis.

Picture Day

Our school photo day is fast approaching!

Please remember to mark Friday October 9th on your calendar, as Bright Pics will be in the school that day to take staff, individual and class photos. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing their complete school uniform and brings their brightest smile! 

Daily Temperatures and Weekly Declaration Forms

Prestige School is committed to the health and safety of our school community. To ensure all protocols are in place, it is imperative that your child(ren)’s Health Declaration Form is submitted on a weekly basis via Google ClassroomIt is available from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm every Sunday. In order for us to have a smoother drop off time in the morning and thoroughly ensure the safety of everyone, the Form needs to be submitted in a timely manner. 

We also kindly ask that you take your child’s temperature at home and fill it in on the designated temperature sheet for your child’s class. Although we realize that it is a transition to manage all health protocols, in order to keep our school community safe, parents should not be relying on school staff for daily temperature readings. It is vital that temperatures be taken at home so that students can be accurately assessed before entering the school environment. If you are having difficulty accessing the temperature sheets, please contact the office for assistance. 

Reporting Absences

At Prestige School, one of our greatest priorities is ensuring that all our students arrive safely to school each and every day. In order to report your child(ren)’s absence, you are kindly asked to call the school at 416-250-0648  If at all possible, we encourage parents and guardians report their child’s absence in advance, letting us know the day or night before or prior to 8:00 am on the day of the absence. 

Monthly Reminders

  • Please ensure that your child follows the school dress code. The uniform consists of a white crested polo or button-down shirt; navy pants, shorts, or skirts; black or navy socks; black shoes. The shoes must reflect a professional appearance, appropriate for the learning environment. Please ensure that your child has both indoor and outdoor shoes.
  • At Prestige School we are doing our very best to ensure a safe and secure environment for our students during this difficult time. However, we firmly believe that students’ mental and social wellbeing is also important. We would like to continue to celebrate all of our students’ milestones in ways that follow all of the health protocols. For birthdays, we plan on letting students distribute store bought NUT AND SEED-FREE, pre-packaged cupcakes presented in sealed, unopened containers to their classmates. If you have not done so already, at your earliest convenience, please let us know if you give your permission for your child to partake in this tradition or if you prefer that they do not accept any treats that are not brought directly from their personal home environment. 
  • Dress down days typically fall on the last Friday of every month. The “Own Clothes Day” for October will be on Friday October 30th
  • Pizza Days for October will be on Friday October 9th and Friday October 23rd
  • There is a holiday for all students on Monday October 12th in recognition of Thanksgiving.
  • Please consult the previously sent Academic Calendar for other important dates (holidays, breaks, PA Days) throughout the school year.

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