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Volume 17 Issue 3 – October 30, 2020


Congratulations to all of the students from Prestige School who wrote the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat contests in February of this year. Under normal circumstances, these awards would have been presented to students in Spring 2020, but the global pandemic prevented us from being able to do so. We were delighted to receive from the University of Waterloo awards for our students who excelled in these contests. Congratulations! Prestige School is proud of all of you.

2020 Pascal Contest:

Medal and Certificate of Distinction

(Top 25% of students in Canada)

William L. (gr. 9)

Certificate of Distinction

(Top 25% of students in Canada)

Nikita C (gr. 10)

Felix Z. (gr. 10)

Sabrina B. (gr. 9)

David D. (gr. 10)

2020 Cayley Contest:

Medal and Certificate of Distinction

(Top 25% of students in Canada)

Daniel K. (gr. 11)

2020 Fermat Contest:

Medal and Certificate of Distinction

(Top 25% of students in Canada)

Paul M. (gr. 12)


On Friday, October 30th, students and teachers dressed up for Halloween. During the last two periods homeroom classes had exciting parties. For more pictures, check out the school’s gallery.


The Beaver Computing Challenge (BCC) introduces computer science to students. It is designed to get students with little or no previous experience excited about computing. The BCC is a problem solving contest with a focus on computational and logical thinking. Questions are inspired by topics in computer science but only require comfort with concepts found in mathematics curriculum common to all provinces. Connections to Computer Science are described in the solutions to all past contests.


  • 45 minutes
  • 12 multiple choice questions for 60 total marks (Grade 5/6)
  • 15 multiple choice questions for 90 total marks (Grade 7/8 and Grade 9/10)
  • some calculators permitted

The contest is held online in schools.


Remembrance Day is coming up on Wednesday, November 11th and Prestige School wants to ensure that students are honouring this day. Poppies will be available to students from Monday, November 9th. Students can bring in a small donation ($2-5) and receive a poppy from their homeroom teacher.

Prestige staff and students are looking forward to commemorating our veterans on November 11th. Kindergarten-Grade 3 will take part in activities organized by their homeroom teachers. Ms. Angela has planned activities for grades 4-8 about the history of Remembrance Day and the Legion. Grades 4-8 will also be participating in a Remembrance Day poetry contest in English class. Ms. Brittney and Mr. Briggs have organized an insightful video for high school students to watch, which will be followed by a class discussion. At 11:00 am, there will be a school-wide moment of silence to remember those who have fought for our freedom. 


DECA club prepares the next generation to be academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders. DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools, universities and colleges around the globe. 

Meet our Prestige School DECA Chapter 2020-2021:

Katherine R. – President 

Nikita C. – Co-President

Polina P. – Vice President

Aiden L. – Manager

Max M. – VP Communications 

Raven Y. – VP Media

Felix Z. – VP Finance

Hank Y. – VP Public Relations 

Each member chose a category of their interest and are going to compete online at the end of November 2020. This weekend DECA members are going to take up mock practice competitions to test their knowledge. 

Important dates:

October 31 – DECA Mock Online Case Competitions

November 1 – Daylight Saving Time Ends

November 1 – DECA Mock Online Exam Testing

November 3 – Picture Orders are Due

November 6 – High School Midterm Report Cards

November 9 – 13 – Beaver Computing Challenge

November 11 – Remembrance Day

November 16 – 20 – Bullying Awareness Week

November 18 – Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests

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