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Volume 17 Issue 4 – November 13, 2020

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week

Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week is from November 16th to 20th, 2020. On Thursday November 19th, Prestige students will learn more about bullying and its effect on students’ learning and well-being. All homeroom teachers will plan an age-appropriate activity for their grade that will focus on the different forms of bullying.

Where can at-risk students get help? Kids Help Phone and offer counselling to students and teach them the importance of respect for themselves and others. The ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment where students can feel like they are able to talk about their feelings and receive the support they need.

Remembrance Day

On Wednesday, November 11th, Prestige School held its Remembrance Day activities to honour and commemorate those who fought and died in the line of duty for our freedom. Students and staff donated money for poppies to support those whose lives have been affected by war. At 11:00 am, we stood for two minutes of silence to remember those we have lost.

For the past week, our Grade One students have been learning about Remembrance Day. In art, they made a painting of a poppy field, using watercolour paint and pastels. In English and Social Studies, they were introduced to the book, “A Poppy Is to Remember.” They also read the poem “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae. Their focus on Remembrance Day was then culminated with the composition of acrostic poems entitled “Poppy” and the completion of worksheets and a wordsearch highlighting vocabulary associated with this momentous holiday.

Our Grade Two students learned about why we celebrate Remembrance Day and the history of Poppy. As a group, they made a poppy field art piece. Our Grade Three students learned about the 5Ws of the Poppy (why, where, what, when, who) with regards to WWI. They also participated in writing a letter to a veteran of the armed forces. Finally, they decorated their own Flanders Field with crosses and poppies to honor those killed in wars around the world. To commemorate Remembrance Day, Grades 4-8 have started creating poems that will be displayed in the hall and entered a school-wide poetry contest. On Wednesday, November 11th students in Grades 4-8 started their lessons with a trivia game about the history of Remembrance Day and continued with a short debate activity to discuss what this day means to us all. Ms. Brittney and Mr. Briggs provided our high school students with the opportunity to watch an insightful video which was followed by a class discussion on the meaning and importance of Remembrance Day. At 11:00 am, they participated in a school-wide moment of silence to remember those who have fought for our freedom.

Most importantly, regardless of the activity, all of our Prestige School staff and students took a moment to reflect on the freedoms and peace in their lives, and to remember the men and women who served and sacrificed for all we have today.

Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests

The Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests (CSMC and CIMC) are two contests designed to give students the opportunity to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem solving ability. Most of the CIMC problems are based on the mathematical curriculum up to and including Grade 10. Most of the CSMC problems are based on the mathematical curriculum up to and including the final year of secondary school. Waterloo University recommends that students spend some time preparing for these contests by trying to solve problems.


• November 18th, 9 a.m. – 11 a.m.


• 9 questions; 6 are answer only and 3 are full solution • Marks for full solution questions assigned for form and style of presentation • 2 hours • 60 total marks • Some calculators permitted The contest is written by students in schools.

After school clubs

Most of the after school clubs have started in the middle of October:

– Art Club (Mondays with Mr. Conway)

– Tennis Club (Tuesdays and Thursdays with Mr. Tony)

– DECA Leadership Club (Tuesdays and Thursdays with Ms. Yana)

– Math Club (Mondays with Mr. Ile)

– Math Club (Wednesdays with Ms. Irene)

– Hebrew Club (Thursdays with Ms. Daniella)

– Soccer Club (Fridays with Mr. Quick)

We still have some spaces in Spanish, French and Financial Literacy Clubs.


Next week Friday, November 20, 2020, Prestige School will have a Professional Development Day. This is the day our teachers can come together to discuss ways we can further develop school life here at Prestige School, as well as fine tune plans for upcoming events in our academic year. Parents and guardians are asked to note that the school will be closed to the students that day as teachers will be involved in activities and programs all day.

Important dates:

November 16 – 20 – Bullying Awareness Week

November 17 – Grade 6 Beaver Computing Challenge

November 18 – Canadian Senior and Intermediate Mathematics Contests

November 19 – Grade 5 Beaver Computing Challenge

November 20 – P.D. Day – School is Closed

November 21 – DECA Online Testing

November 27 – High School Progress Report Cards

November 27 – Casual Day

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