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Volume 17 Issue 5 – November 27, 2020

Legion Poetry Contest

The Royal Canadian Legion partners with schools around Canada to promote remembrance through the annual poster and  literary contests. Students in grades 1-12 are  encouraged to submit their works into their Local Branch  contests. In English class, students in grades 4-8 wrote creative poems and designed posters to commemorate Remembrance Day and those who served for our freedom.  Students are waiting for their results!  

Thank you, Ms. Angela for leading this project!

Holiday Food Drive

Christmas is quickly approaching! In honor of the holiday season, Prestige
School will be hosting our annual Holi- day Food Drive. During this holiday season, we hope to teach our students the importance of giving to those who are in need. Many of us are fortunate enough to have family, shelter, and food, but we recognize that there are many people who do not have their basic needs met. Prestige School wants to give back to the community this Christmas. From December 1-17, students and their families will have the opportunity to donate non-perishable food items, and hygiene products for our local Community Food Bank.

Some needed food and household items include:
•Pasta (canned or dry) and pasta sauce
•Canned meats and fish
•Canned goods (soups, stews, beans)
•Dairy (canned and powdered milk)
•Canned vegetables and fruit
•Whole grain cereals
•Instant foods and baby formula
•Bathroom tissue and diapers
•Personal hygiene products

A big thank you to Ms. Irene and Ms. Ivana for organizing the Food Drive and giving our students the chance to give back!

Elementary Report Cards

Students will receive their term one report cards on Friday, December 4th. Please sign the last page and return it back to the school with  your child. Students learning online will have their report cards sent to their school emails. It is important that parents/guardians still sign  the last page and email it back to the school. Thank you!

Pictures with Santa

School on Thursday, December 17th. If you would like your child to  take part in this photo session with Santa, Brightpics will be offering professional photographs with Santa for $5 per person. You will also be provided with a greeting card for no extra charge. This photo session is optional, so please let the office know if you are interested by  bringing $5.00 to the office.

Many Thanks!

We are happy to announce that now every classroom is equipped with HEPA filters due to the generous donation of Anthony’s (grade 6) family. HEPA filters are the leading technology in catching 99.9% of airborne bacteria. We greatly appreciate all of your generous donations to help ensure that each classroom is a safe and resourceful learning environment! 

As well, we would like to extend our gratitude to the families of Ariella (grade 6), Michael (grade 4) and Marlena (grade 6) for donating the cameras that our teachers are using to conduct their classes for online students. 

New Years Ball Masquerade

On December 16, Prestige School will host its first New Years Ball Masquerade for grades 3-8, in their given cohorts. The Masquerade will include a short concert, as well as games with small prizes for all participants. There will also be a competition for both the most beautiful and the funniest New Years masks. We suggest that girls wear a ballroom dress, while boys wear dress pants and a dress shirt. More information will be given in our next bulletin!

Important dates:

December 1-17 – Holiday Food Drive 

December 4 – Elementary School  Report Cards 

December 14 – High School  and Preliminary Report  Cards 

December 16 – New Years Celebrations (Grades 3 – 8) 

December 17 – New Years Celebrations (KG – 2) 

December 18 – Early Dismissal (14:00) 

December 22 – January 1 – Winter Break

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