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Volume 17 Issue 9 – February 26, 2021

Math Contests:

University of Waterloo

On Tuesday, February 23, Grades 9-11 participated in the Pascal, Cayley and Fermat math competitions through the University of Waterloo. These contests are an opportunity for students to have fun and to develop their mathematical problem-solving ability. Prestige School students take part in these competitions every year!

Upcoming Competitions

On Monday, March 1, Grades 6-8 will be participating in math competitions during math class with Ms. Irene. Even online students will be given the opportunity to take part in the competition as well.

On Wednesday, April 7, high school students will be participating in the Euclid Math Contest.

MS Read-a-Thon

Prestige School is pleased to announce that the MS Read-a-Thon has been extended into March! This allows our students to read many more books and to fundraise until March 20th. We will be having our annual MS Read-a-Thon Crazy Hair Day on Thursday, March 18th. With a $2.00 cash donation, students may fashion their hair into the craziest creations that they can imagine. Further information will follow.

Please click on the link to join the fundraising campaign: and follow the step-by-step instructions.

March Break

On Thursday February 11th, Education Minister Stephen Lecce, based on the advice of the province’s chief medical officer of health, made the announcement that Ontario will delay March Break for publicly funded schools until the week of April 12. After much deliberation, Prestige School has decided to follow suit and postpone March Break until this time. Prestige School has decided to institute a “Mental Health Break” from March 12th through to March 15th. The school will be closed to all students on Friday March 12th and Monday March 15th, allowing for a long weekend to foster the mental health and well-being of our school community.

We genuinely appreciate our loyal parents and the continued confidence that they have in our efforts.

Important dates:

March 1– Math League Contest (grades 5-8)

March 9– High School Progress Report Cards

March 12, 15– Mental Health Break (school is closed)

March 18– Crazy Hair Day

March 26– Elementary School Report Cards and Casual Day

March 29– Last day for MS Read-a-Thon Donations

April 2- Good Friday (school is closed)

April 5– Easter Monday (school is closed)

April 7– Euclid Math Contest (grade 12)

April 9– High School Midterm Report Cards

April 12-16– Spring Break (March Break deferral)

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