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2021 – Pet Appreciation Week

“This is Octanot. I’ve had him since I was 6 y/o. He has helped me feel less sad, as I knew he was always by my side. He can also change his emotions, so we both can share the same emotion.” – Liza (gr. 5)
“This is Coconut and I . He is so cuddly. I love dogs and they are my favourite animal!”
– Luisa (gr. 3)
“I’ve had many pets over the years (even chickens and a pygmy hedgehog), but this was my first ever pet; my cat Tigger. We got her when I was 12 years old. She taught me how to be a pet owner, but most importantly started my love for cats and pets.” – Ms. Natanya
“My dog’s name is Mika. I love her because of how she always seems to understand everything like a human. I really like how she always sits and stares at you if she wants something. I love how she’s always excited to do something, and is always flipping over for a belly rub. Also how funny she looks when she is surprised while lying down. She has the most curious look. She’s very fluffy and gets jealous if another dog is pet instead of her. As bad as it sounds, she gets jealous in the funniest way. That’s why I love her.” – Eric R. (gr. 7)
“I was fortunate to have a family dog while growing up. Through the years I’ve had the privilege to love three! Webster, Yody, and Lola. Each of them gave my family unconditional love which warmed our hearts. They were loved very much and are missed deeply. Loving them developed my love for dogs.” – Mrs. Amanda 
Bogdan (gr. 7) and his dog, Stella. 
“My favourite toys are my penguin and my rabbit. I received the rabbit on my 5th birthday. Her name is Sophia. I got the penguin as a gift from my sister. Her name is Penguina.”
– Miranda (gr. 2)
“My favourite toys are my monkey, Eric and my dinosaur, Dino. I’ve had Eric since I was a baby and have a photo where I’m almost the same size as Eric.” – Charlie (gr. 2)
This is Ms. Brittney’s cat, Conan. He is 10 months old. Conan’s personality and energetic spirit is what Ms. Brittney loves most about him! 
“This is Snuffy and he is special, since I got him as a Mother’s Day present. I have always loved elephants and I have a collection of them. Since they are kind of difficult to keep as pets, I have to contend myself with the stuffed version.”
– Ms. Angie
“I love Marta, because she is my pet. She is cute and cuddly. She is the best puppy in the world. She likes to play with people and she is very happy every time she sees me or someone she can play with. Marta is the best!” – Katya (gr. 1)
“I love my dog Stella because she gives me the best cuddles, she loves to play and she’s always excited to see me when I come home.” – Ms. Jennifer
“Here’s a picture of my dog, Cleo, for Pet Appreciation Week. I love how intelligent she is. Cleo also has a passion for playing with her ball. My family got her in 2016.” – Tessa (gr. 7)
“My dog Kuma is family; he’s gentle, loving and to play with. That’s why I love him so much.”
– Ms. Vanessa
“I love Dora. She is very low maintenance and gives the best hugs and neck massages.”
– Ms. Vanessa
Sophia B. (gr. 1) loves to play with her neighbour’s cat, Risy.
Maddy (gr. 1) and her pet fish, Sunflower (yellow), Clover (blue), and Bubble (blue). She likes them because of their beautiful colours and she thinks they are very cute.
“My cat’s name is Marquece. He likes to eat and play. He is white with yellow eyes. I love to play with him and if I am sad, he makes me happy.” – Ariana (gr. 2)
“My cat’s name is Barsik. A common name for cats in Russia. I love him because he is a cat and I love cats.”
– Polina (gr. 7)  
“Hockey is my dog and he is 4months old. We named him Hockey because our family likes to play hockey. I like him because he’s clever and cute!” – Sally (gr. 2) 
Lali (gr. 4) and her cat, Smokey.
“My cat is around 3 months old, her name is Bageehra. She really loves to play and is a really crazy cat when she is playful and bites sometimes.” – Elizabeth (gr. 5)
“I also have a hamster and his name is Fluffy. He is really fluffy. He loves to run and sleep in his cage.”
– Elizabeth (gr. 5)
“This is Ashes, he is a 3 month old kitten. I love Ashes because he comforts me when I’m sad and always makes me laugh and smile.” – Alisa (gr. 6)
“This is me with my cat, Murka. I like her because she is very playful and her fur is very soft, so I like to pet her.”
– Emily (gr. 2)
Alexander (gr. 1) loves his cat, Zeta, because she is part of the family and has been with them for almost 16 years.
“I love my cat, KC, because she is the best and very, very soft. I like to play with her with a cat toy.” – Avelea (gr. 1)
“This is my Labrador dog, Lavrentiy. He is my best friend. I love him so much.” – Maya (gr. 4)
“I like Lavender Periwinkle Purple because she is my favourite color, she is named after my favourite flower and I adore bunnies.” – Amrit (gr. 3)
“This is my dog, Ginger. I love her because she is very affectionate and she has a spunky personality. She thrives on attention and pretty much rules the household.” – Ms. Debbie (RH)
“My cat’s name is Barsick. He is 20 years old, a very wise, intelligent and caring cat. When I was born, he was my “babysitter”. Now it’s my turn to take care of him. I love him with my whole heart.” – Allan (RH – gr. 6)
“My cat, PJ Princess Jasmine. I love her because she loves to eat bugs. She also loves to sleep on shoes.”
– Ms. Alison (RH)
“I love Raf because when I’m sad, he brings me happiness all the time. He never fails to make me smile every time he comes to my room to lay down on my lap. Before we got Raf, the house was mostly empty, but when we got him the house was more cheerful and a lot of happiness came to us.” – Nicole (RH – gr. 5)
Margarita (RH – gr. 7) and Katya (RH – gr. 2) have lots of pets to love at home.
“This is my dog, Dash. I love him because he reminds me of Christmas.” – Miles (RH – SK)
Victoria (RH – gr. 6) does not have a pet as she is allergic, but she has always had a soft spot for any living creature. She goes to the pond to see the wildlife (picture of duck). Victoria’s favorite toy is a duckie that was given to her the day she was born.
Austin (RH – SK) is playing with his corgi, Charlie.
“Here is the picture of me and my pets, Jake and Kesha. Jake is a hamster and Kesha is a Parakeet. Jake is very soft, small, and he is nocturnal. He likes to sleep on me and he likes when I give him seeds. Kesha is not friendly to us, because even though we got him a long time ago, he still is not used to us. When we try to touch him, he squeaks and bites us. When we let him fly out of his cage around our house, he likes to sit everywhere. He also adores staring into his mirror I hung up inside his cage. I love my pets because they are cute and really lovely.” – Victoria (RH – gr. 4)
Franziska (RH – SK) and her favourite stuffed dogs.
Max (RH – gr. 2) and his puppy, Alfa.
“This is Luna (black with white) and Penny (all black). They are besties that love to cuddle and play all day! Luna is a sweetheart that loves pets and love, but only on her terms. Penny is a funny cat that is obsessed with playing in her water bowl. Both Luna and Penny have made a few appearances in online music classes and love seeing and hearing all the student musicians at Prestige School! Though I wish I could be making music with students in person, it has been nice to have furry friends around to keep me company!” – Ms. Sierra (RH)
“My pet’s name is Surgy. He is tiny, funny and cute. I love playing with him.”
– Stella (RH – gr. 4)
Zlata (JK) and her cat, Suzy. She is a Maine Coon cat, the largest breed of cat. Suzy is not full grown yet. She loves to play with Zlata. They enjoy being in each other’s company. 
Nikita (gr. 8) and his baby parrot, Kesha.
“This is my dog, Iriska. I love her because she is cute, cuddly and energetic. She likes playing with her laser pointer and eating my leftovers.” – Denis (gr. 5) 
“I love my dog because he plays soccer, tug of war, and fetch with me. He is a born swimmer and we enjoy summer days in the pool together. He always sleeps with me in my bed, pushing me all night long. I named him Lucky because we are lucky to have him!”
– Rafael (gr. 4)
“My cat’s name is Ksusha. She is 13 years old. She likes to do homework with me. I love her.”
– Nicole (SK)
Kiyan (gr. 1) and his favourite stuffed animals.
“This is my stuffed toy, Sheepy. I like to sleep with her every night. I like sheep, so I got her as a present from my parents. I like sheep because they are soft, nice, and sweet. I went to a farm before and accidentally fed the sheep the wrong way, but it was so nice and gentle.”
– Yohanna (gr. 1) 
Samuel (gr. 6) playing in the snow with his dog.
“I love my pet fish, Peppsi because she is cute and she’s new. She is adorable!” – Emma (gr. 1)
Sofia and Vlad (gr. 1) and their pet fish.
“I love my bird because she is very cute.” – Matthew (gr. 5)

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