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tailored learning. unlocked potential.

Individualized curriculums

At Prestige, we understand each student’s unique journey and pave the way with personalized education.

academically rigorous

Set the bar high with Prestige. Our programs challenge, inspire, and prepare students for a world of opportunities.

fostering a love for learning

Ignite passion with every lesson. At Prestige, we cultivate a learning environment where curiosity thrives and dreams take flight.


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Students from JK to Grade 12


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Why Prestige

Every child deserves to reach their full potential.

Our environment is meticulously crafted to address each child’s individual needs, pushing them towards a path of integrity and academic excellence.

We offer programs from kindergarten through high school at our two vibrant campuses in Toronto and Richmond Hill.

Prestige School maintains high academic standards to ensure that our students succeed in post-secondary endeavours. Not only do we meet the provincial standards of Ontario, but we exceed them. With our smaller class sizes, every student gets the attention they deserve. Plus, we have the seal of approval from the Ontario Ministry of Education, ensuring top-notch quality in every corner.

The school registration numbers are 66 59 49 and 66 63 94.


(Junior & Senior Kindergarten)

Here at the Prestige School, we recognize the importance of kindergarten and its role in the formative years of a child. 

Elementary School

(Grade 1-8)

Prestige School provides a tailored learning environment to support your child’s unique needs, promoting integrity and excellence to help every student achieve their potential.

High School

(Grade 9 – 12)

Prestige School ensures high academic excellence and thorough preparation for higher education, while nurturing all aspects of student growth.

Two Campuses

One Standard of Excellence

The Prestige School features two strategically placed campuses, providing families and students with options for an enhanced educational journey. These campuses, accessible from major areas like Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, and North York, ensure that our quality educational offerings are available to a wide community.


Mon-Fri - 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Toronto Campus: (416) 250-0648

Richmond Hill Campus: (905) 780-6565


Prestige School

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Toronto Campus
21 Eddfield Avenue
Toronto, ON, M2N 2M5

Richmond Hill Campus
11 Headdon Gate
Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 9W9

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