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In our secondary school curriculum, the study of French, one of Canada’s official languages and a globally significant language, is crucial. The FSL curriculum is crafted to furnish students with the skills needed for effective communication in a multilingual world and to deepen their understanding of French culture and language.

The Core French program, integral to our FSL curriculum, focuses on delivering fundamental French communication skills and insights into the language and its culture. It equips students to develop practical French language proficiency, setting a foundation for further linguistic growth and cultural exchange. Students will emerge with the ability to engage in basic French conversation, comprehend French media with support, and read French texts, forming a solid base for future linguistic and cultural exploration.

Why it’s important?

Learning French as a second language enriches students in several ways. It bolsters first-language skills, enhances critical and creative thinking, and cultivates respect for cultural diversity. Furthermore, French language proficiency broadens career prospects both within Canada and on the international stage, presenting students with advantageous opportunities in various professional sectors.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Proficiency in French language for diverse forms of communication.
  • Enhanced first-language capabilities and overall cognitive development.
  • Broadened cultural awareness and respect for linguistic diversity.
  • Preparation for diverse career paths and global opportunities.

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