Elementary School:

Social Studies


In the younger grades, students delve into natural and applied sciences, laying a strong foundation for scientific understanding. As they progress to middle and upper school, the focus shifts to specialized subjects: biology, chemistry, and physics.

Why it’s important?

Studying Social Studies helps students connect with their national identity through an understanding of Canadian geography and culture. Learning about early civilizations and historical structures like castles opens a window to the past, providing insights into different cultures and eras. As students move into their final elementary years, the curriculum expands to include Canadian laws, government structure, and societal values, equipping them with a comprehensive understanding of their country and its place in the world.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Foundational knowledge of Canadian geography and cultural diversity.
  • Understanding of historical civilizations and architectural developments.
  • Insight into Canada’s legal system, government structure, and societal beliefs.
  • Development of critical thinking and analytical skills through historical and contemporary studies.

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