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Language Arts


Primary School
In Grade 2, our Language Arts program is meticulously designed to develop students into lifelong readers and skilled writers. The course introduces and reinforces essential reading and writing strategies, crucial for thriving in a world rich in literacy. Students engage in diverse writing formats, including summaries, letters, short stories, and text-based analysis paragraphs.

Why It’s Important:
Literacy is a foundational skill in education and beyond, and our program emphasizes its significance. By mastering various writing forms and reading techniques, students not only enhance their communication skills but also develop critical thinking abilities. This proficiency is vital for academic success and fosters a deep-seated passion for reading and writing.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Advanced reading comprehension and fluency.
  • Competence in diverse writing styles and formats.
  • Critical analysis of texts, fostering deeper understanding.
  • A lifelong enthusiasm for reading and creative writing.

Middle School Balanced Literacy Program (Grades 4-7)
In this course, students engage in an immersive literacy experience designed to progressively deepen their skills in reading, writing, speaking/listening, and language development. The curriculum is tailored to be age-appropriate, ensuring that learning is both challenging and accessible for each grade level.

Why It’s Important:
This program places a strong emphasis on vocabulary enhancement and composition skills, vital for nurturing critical reading and writing abilities. Developing these skills is not just about academic success; it’s about equipping students with the tools to navigate and interpret the world around them.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Proficient reading and analysis of diverse literary and informational texts.
  • Development of writing skills across various genres: argumentative, informative/explanatory, narrative, and summaries.
  • Direct instruction in advanced language arts skills and strategies.
  • Enhanced vocabulary and effective communication skills.

Middle School Balanced Literacy Program (Grades 4-7)

The Grade 8 English class is structured around a balanced literacy program, focusing on the holistic development of communication skills. This program immerses students in a diverse range of literature, enhancing their listening, speaking, critical thinking, reading, and writing abilities. Core aspects like spelling, grammar, and vocabulary are also reinforced throughout the course.

Why It’s Important:
At this pivotal stage, students are refining their literacy skills to prepare for high school and beyond. Engaging with a broad spectrum of literature not only broadens their perspectives but also sharpens critical thinking skills.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Proficiency in reading and analyzing a variety of literary genres.
  • Advanced writing skills, from paragraph construction to multi-paragraph compositions, personal responses, and creative writing.
  • Development of effective listening and speaking skills through classroom discussions and presentations.
  • Enhanced understanding of grammar, spelling, and an expanded vocabulary.

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