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This course is designed to provide students with an enriching educational experience in the French language. The classroom environment is immersive, with French being the primary language of communication. This approach offers numerous opportunities for students to actively speak and listen to French, fostering a natural and effective language learning environment.

Why it’s important?

Immersing students in French communication is crucial for developing fluency. Oral language skills form the foundation for reading and writing proficiency. In real-life situations, listening and speaking are intertwined; thus, our program focuses on developing these skills concurrently. Students learn to interpret and understand French through strategies like observing non-verbal cues, listening to intonation, and using context. The Programme includes a variety of activities that allow students to use French in practical and authentic contexts.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Development of fluent oral communication skills in French.
  • Strategies for understanding and deducing the meaning of new French words.
  • Proficiency in reading French, with an emphasis on connecting written language to speech and integrating new information with existing knowledge.
  • Skill development in writing French, focusing on vocabulary expansion, sentence structure, and writing for various purposes and audiences.

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