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Our Music curriculum is crafted to instill in students both an appreciation for music and the practical skills necessary to enjoy it as a lifelong source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction. Recognizing the significant role of music in enhancing intellectual and emotional development, our program is designed to be both interesting and challenging.

Why it’s important?

The study of music is more than learning to play an instrument or sing; it’s about enriching cognitive and emotional growth. Engaging with music helps in honing critical thinking and reasoning skills, and provides a medium for students to explore and express their emotions. This holistic approach to music education ensures that students not only develop artistic talents but also acquire skills beneficial to their overall development.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Development of an understanding and appreciation of music.
  • Acquisition of practical musical skills.
  • Enhanced ability to reason, think critically, and express emotions through music.
  • Exposure to and understanding of musical elements and diverse cultural repertoire.

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