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Business Studies is a crucial part of our curriculum, reflecting the pervasive role of business in our daily lives and its influence on jobs, income, and the quality of life in Canada. This program equips students to confidently and competently engage in business activities, understanding its functions, roles, opportunities, and the skills required.

The program integrates knowledge from elementary subjects like mathematics and social studies, applying them in a business context. It illustrates how diverse areas of study combine to create impactful business activities. The program, starting in Grades 9 and 10, sets the stage for students to apply their learning to real-world business challenges and opportunities.

The curriculum delves into the multifaceted functions of businesses, emphasizing their role in the economy and society. It offers practical, real-world learning experiences, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge in authentic business contexts. This approach, coupled with opportunities like cooperative education, provides valuable insights and connections for exploring potential career paths and business ventures.

Why it’s important?

Understanding business is essential for all students, as it significantly affects their livelihoods and the environment. Knowledge of business operations, from local to global scales, prepares students for various roles in society, whether as employees, managers, or entrepreneurs. This understanding is vital for their personal development and for making informed decisions that impact society and the economy.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehensive understanding of how business activities influence daily life, the economy, and society.
  • Preparation for further studies or careers in specialized areas like management, marketing, accounting, and entrepreneurship.
  • Development of practical skills for immediate application in the workplace.
  • Insight into the interrelation of business with various fields like mathematics, communications, technology, and social studies.

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