In our mathematics curriculum, we focus on several key areas: patterning, problem solving, data management, geometry, and numeracy skills. Specific topics include counting to 100, addition and subtraction up to ten, graphing and sorting, as well as identifying three-dimensional and two-dimensional shapes. This comprehensive approach is designed to build a strong foundation in early math concepts.

Why it’s important?

Gaining early experience with technology prepares students for a digital world. Understanding how to use a computer and navigate software programs fosters not only technical skills but also encourages creativity and problem-solving. Learning these skills at a young age is crucial for their future academic and personal development in an increasingly technology-oriented world.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Basic understanding of computer functions and operation.
  • Proficiency in using a mouse and interacting with user interfaces.
  • Exposure to and use of age-appropriate software programs.
  • Application of technology in creative projects, like art and greeting cards.

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