Social Studies


In our Social Studies curriculum for kindergarten, we delve into the concepts of individuals, families, and different types of communities, with a particular focus on the school community. This exploration aids students in understanding their own identities and the diverse social environments they are part of.

During the course, students will be encouraged to share about themselves and their families, enhancing their understanding and acceptance of diverse backgrounds. Show-and-Tell sessions will provide valuable opportunities for this exchange, promoting a sense of community and inclusivity within the classroom.

Why it’s important?

Studying different social structures is fundamental for young learners to grasp their roles in various settings, from family to the broader community. This knowledge fosters a sense of identity, belonging, and an appreciation for diversity. It also lays the groundwork for developing empathy and social skills, essential for their overall growth and future learning.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Recognition and understanding of self in relation to family and community.
  • Awareness of diverse family structures and community types.
  • Development of communication and social skills through self-expression.
  • Fostering respect and appreciation for diversity.

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