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In Grades 9 and 10, our Canadian and World Studies program offers courses in History and Geography, cultivating a deep understanding of both Canadian and global contexts. Grade 9 students engage in the compulsory Geography of Canada course, while Grade 10 students delve into Canadian History Since World War I. These courses are presented in two formats: academic and applied, allowing students to choose based on their strengths and interests.

Course Types:

  • Academic Courses: These are theory and problem-solving oriented, covering essential concepts and their practical applications.
  • Applied Courses: These focus on practical applications and concrete examples to elucidate key concepts.

The program also includes a compulsory Civics course in Grade 10, designed as an open course appropriate for all students. Success in Grade 9 Geography is required for advancement to Grade 11 Geography courses, and completion of Grade 10 History is necessary for progression to Grade 11 courses in Economics, History, Law, or Politics.

Additionally, the Social Sciences and Humanities curriculum encompasses Family Studies, Social Science, Philosophy, and World Religions, each exploring different facets of human society and culture. These courses are instrumental in teaching students to research, analyze data, differentiate between evidence and opinion, recognize biases, and communicate effectively, skills that are essential for both academic and personal growth.

Why it’s important?

The Canadian and World Studies program in Grades 9 and 10 is pivotal for fostering a comprehensive understanding of both national and global perspectives. Engaging in these courses helps students to grasp the intricacies of Canada’s geographical diversity and historical journey, including significant events since World War I. The inclusion of a Civics course enhances their understanding of civic responsibilities and the functioning of society. By offering both academic and applied courses, the program caters to diverse learning styles, encouraging students to engage with material in a way that best suits their abilities and interests. The broader Social Sciences and Humanities curriculum enriches this understanding further, covering a range of topics from Family Studies to World Religions, and equips students with the analytical skills necessary to navigate complex societal issues.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • A thorough understanding of Canadian geography and history, fostering a sense of national identity and global awareness.
  • Ability to critically analyze historical events and geographical phenomena, linking them to current global and national issues.
  • Development of skills in research, data analysis, and evidence-based reasoning, crucial for academic success and informed citizenship.
  • Enhanced communication skills, with the capacity to articulate ideas clearly and recognize diverse viewpoints.
  • Preparation for advanced studies in various disciplines, including Economics, History, Law, and Politics, through successful completion of foundational courses.
  • Cultivation of critical thinking and problem-solving skills through both theoretical and practical learning approaches.

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