This Monday, October 23rd, was October’s character education assembly. This month focused on responsibility. Many of the students have been responsible this month, but some have been noticeably more. The students who received this month’s certificate are:

JK: Everly

SK: Daniil

Gr. 1: Gabriel

Gr. 2: Ariel

Gr. 3: Lucas and Nicole

Gr. 4: Veer and Margaret

Gr. 5: Emily

Gr. 6: Riva

Gr. 7: Leah

Gr. 8: Gary

November’s character trait is GRATITUDE, which means appreciating the people and things in our lives. Ms. Jennifer and the grade 5s shared what they are grateful for with the school to show examples of gratitude. Great work!


Photo retake day and sibling photo day will be on Monday, October 30th. Make sure to dress in full school uniform and bring your best smile!

October’s causal day is Tuesday, October 31st – HALLOWEEN! Students can wear their costumes to school or be in casual clothes. Elementary students will have their homeroom Halloween parties during periods 6 and 7. High school students will have their Halloween party at 12:30 p.m. Please ask your child’s homeroom teacher if snacks need to be donated to the party.


Prestige students performed for their peers and parents at this year’s Talent Show on Friday, October 27th. This year’s Talent Show had the most participants ever! Thank you to Ms. Stacy for planning and organizing an amazing show this year. Thank you to Ms. Nana for helping with auditions and helping students prepare for their piano performances. Thank you to Mrs. Daria for helping with auditions. Thank you to Ms. Tanya for helping decorate the gymnasium. Thank you to Mr. Vlad for creating the decorations and for decorating the gymnasium. Thank you to Ms. Cheryl, Ms. Nana, Ms. Brittney, Mrs. Daria, Sabrina (gr. 12), Eva, Cleo, Arthur, Matthew, Lucas and Dominic (gr. 6) for helping clean and reorganize the main entrance. Thank you to Beatrice and Sophia (gr. 11) for being the hosts. Check out our gallery for more pictures.

Audrey (Gr. 1): Gymnastics

Mia (Gr. 1): Dance and Piano

Vasilisa and Nicole (Gr. 3): Dance

Franziska and Elizabeth (Gr. 3): Dance

Nicole (Gr. 3): Dance

Brayden (Gr. 3): Piano

Sophia B (Gr. 4): Piano

Katya (Gr. 4): Dance

Veer (Gr. 4): Piano

Atharv and Veer (Gr. 1 and 4): Magic Tricks

Anastasia (Gr. 4): Singing

Katya and Sophia B (Gr. 4): Singing

Ariana (Gr. 5): Dance

Elizabeth (Gr. 5): Piano

Amrit (Gr. 6): Guitar

Elia (Gr. 6): Violin

Tamara (Gr. 6): Piano

Anna (Gr. 7): Piano and Singing

Eva (Gr. 7): Violin

Maya (Gr. 7): Dance

Tom and Matthew (Gr. 8): Magic Tricks

Matthew (Gr. 8): Piano

Nathan (Gr. 9): Piano

James (Gr. 12): Piano

Liam (Gr. 12): Piano


Prestige students look forward to each month’s field trips. Students had fun this month exploring the farm, learning about pioneer times and exploring how dinosaurs moved. Check out our galleries for more pictures.

Grades 4 to 7 students went to the Ontario Science Centre on Tuesday, October 17th.

Grades 3 to 6 students went to Black Creek Pioneer Village on Wednesday, October 25th.

Kindergarten to grade 2 students went to Round the Bend Farm on Thursday, October 26th.


October 30

Picture Retake Day/Sibling Photos

October 31

Casual Day

Halloween Celebrations

Pizza Lunch

DECA Regional Competition (part 1)

November 5 – 11

Treaties Recognition Week

November 7

Beaver Computing Challenge (Gr. 7)

November 8

Beaver Computing Challenge (Gr. 8)

November 10

High School Midterm Report Cards

Remembrance Day Assembly

Beaver Computing Challenge (Gr. 6)