This Friday, December 15th, was December’s character education assembly. This month focused on compassion. Many of the students have been compassionate this month, but some have been noticeably more. The students who received this month’s certificate are:

JK: Daya

SK: Marz

Gr. 1: Emilia

Gr. 2: Ronalda

Gr. 3: Elizabeth and Franziska

Gr. 4: Roman

Gr. 5: Elizabeth

Gr. 6: Artem

Gr. 7: Anna

Gr. 8: Tom

January’s character trait is WISDOM, represents learning, but it also represents thinking before acting, and using the knowledge gained from previous experiences to help make future decisions. Mr. Aurelian and the grade 8s performed skits to explain the definition of wisdom. Great work!


Every year, Prestige students participate in the Royal Canadian Legion Remembrance Day contests. Prestige School had 13 winners at our Legion Branch! Branch 10 received 279 entries this year. Congratulations to the below students! Prestige School is proud of you all.

Junior Colour Poster (25 entries):

1st place – Riva (gr. 6)

2nd place Anastasia (gr. 4)

Junior Essay (4 entries):

1st place – Aran (gr. 5)

2nd place – Ellie (gr. 5)

3rd place – Tom (gr. 8)

Junior Poem (19 entries):

1st place – Eva (gr. 6)

2nd place – Ariana (gr. 5)

3rd place – Cleo (gr. 6)

Intermediate Colour Poster (5 entries):

1st place – Eva (gr. 7)

Intermediate Essay (4 entries):

1st place – Daniel V. (gr. 8)

2nd place – Abigail (gr. 7)

Intermediate Poem (17 entries):

1st place – Anna (gr. 7)

2nd place – Leah (gr. 7)


Prestige students in grades 5 to 10 participated in the University of Waterloo Beaver Computing Challenge in November. Congratulations to all students that received Certificates of Distinction. This means these students were in the top 25%. Prestige School is proud of you!

Grade 5 (10 296 contestants): Aya, Charles, Emily, Miranda, Ariana, Ilham, Alexander S., Alexander D., Michael, Ellie, Aran

Grade 6 (10 296 contestants): Lucas (perfect score), Riva, Joshua, Elia, Noam, Vlad, Matthew, Amrit, Arthur

Grade 7 (12 897 contestants): Eva, Leah

Grade 8 (12 897 contestants): Tom (perfect score), Matthew (perfect score), Daniel V. (perfect score), Denis, Mete

Grade 9 (8369 contestants): Jamie, Nathan, Samuel, Nicolas, Ilana, Andrei

Grade 10 (8369 contestants): Reginald, Leon, Eason


Prestige School’s DECA club participated in the Regional DECA Competition on October 31st (written exam) and November 12th (oral exam). Congratulations to all students that qualified for Provincials. Prestige School is proud of you!

Achievement Awards (qualified for Provincials):

Apparel and Accessories Marketing – Sheina (gr. 12)

Human Resource Management – Alexander (gr. 11)

Accounting and Finance – Alexandra (gr. 11)

Restaurant and Food Service Management – Anna (gr. 11)

Hotel and Lodging Management – Beatrice (gr. 11)

Retail Merchandising Series – Nikita (gr. 11)

Automotive Services Marketing – Gleb (gr. 10)

Student Recognition Award:

Emery (gr. 12)

Daniel (gr. 11)

Coral (gr. 11)

Jerry (gr. 11) – attending Leadership Development Academy Conference at DECA Provincials


This year’s winter concert was about the four seasons. On Thursday, December 14th, parents, teachers, and students were amazed and enjoyed the concert. Thank you to Ms. Alena for creating and organizing the entire show and for practicing with students for weeks. Thank you to Ms. Stacy and Ms. Nana for helping with the music. Thank you to Ms. Tanya, Ms. Stacy, Ms. Daria, and Mr. Vlad for the beautiful decorations. Thank you to all homeroom teachers for preparing the homeroom performances and for practicing with their students. Check out our gallery for more pictures.

Individual Roles:

Cat storyteller: Michael (gr. 7)

The queen: Sophia (gr. 7)

The princes: Katya (gr. 4)

Ms. Kind: Lali (gr. 7)

Ms. Kind’s daughter: Sophia B (gr. 4)

Ms. Correct: Alisa (gr. 7)

Ms. Correct’s children: Sofia Z. and Vlad (gr. 4)

Mr. Winter: Ariel (gr. 8)

Lady Spring: Anna (gr. 7)

Lady Summer: Maya (gr. 7)

Mr. Fall: Matthew (gr. 8)

Months of the yea: Abigail, Eva, and Leah (gr. 7)

Homeroom Performances:

KG: Frosty the Snowman (song and dance)

Grade 1: Spring Sunshine Dance

Grade 2: Can’t Stop the Feeling (song and dance)

Grade 3: Autumn poems

Grade 4: Summer Nights – School Edition (song and dance)

Grade 5: Elf Skit (Mrs. Jennifer wrote)

Grade 6: September Dance

Grade 8: Spring poems with their paintings


Prestige School will be having a Holiday Spirit Week from Monday, December 18th to Friday, December 22nd for $5. If you haven’t paid, then make sure to bring $5 on Monday. If students do not pay $5, then they must be in full school uniform everyday of the week.

Below is the Holiday Spirit Week schedule. Any kind of holiday or winter themed clothing is acceptable for each of the themed days. Grades 7 to 12 are highly encouraged to participate in the theme each week, but these students are allowed to be in casual clothes all week, if they pay $5.

Monday: Wear your favourite scarf.

Tuesday: Make your hair festive (crazy holiday themed hair) or wear your favourite holiday hat.

Wednesday: Wear holiday coloured clothes (red, white, green, gold, blue).

Thursday: Wear an ugly holiday sweater or your favourite holiday shirt.

Friday: Wear your favourite holiday pajamas or regular pajamas if you don’t have holiday ones.

Let’s get into the festive spirit and all participate in Holiday Spirit Week!


Friday, December 22nd, is the last day of school before winter break. Prestige School will be closing at 2 p.m., so that students and staff can have an early start to their breaks. Please make the necessary arrangements for after school care.


December 18

Wear your favourite scarf

December 19

Festive hair (crazy holiday themed hair) or holiday hat

December 20

Wear holiday coloured clothes (red, white, green, gold, blue)

December 21

Wear an ugly holiday sweater or your favourite holiday shirt

December 22

Wear holiday pajamas or regular pajamas

High School Progress Report Cards

Early Dismissal @ 2 p.m.

Pizza Lunch

Dec. 25 – Jan. 5

Winter Break (No School)

January 8

Back to school

January 17

High School Progress Report Cards

January 19 – 26

High School Exams

January 24

Bell Let’s Talk Day (Mental Health Awareness)

January 26

Casual Day

Pizza Lunch

January 29

Character Education – WISDOM @ 10:15 a.m.

High School P.D. Day

January 30

High School P.D. Day

Epic Plant Fun Field Trip (KG – gr. 2)