Monday, January 29th, was January’s character education assembly. This month focused on wisdom. Many of the students have been wise this month, but some have been noticeably more. The students who received this month’s certificate are:

JK: Zachary

SK: Nolan

Gr. 1: Gabriel

Gr. 2: Allan

Gr. 3: Max R.

Gr. 4: Avelea

Gr. 5: Aya

Gr. 6: Amrit

Gr. 8: Daniel V.

February’s character trait is INTEGRITY, which is having the inner strength to be truthful, trustworthy, honourable, and be consistent in your words and actions. Ms. Catherine and the grade 4s performed a skit to explain integrity. Great work!


Prestige School would like to present this year’s high school student council:

President: Sheina (gr. 12)

Co-President: James (gr. 12)

Vice President: Sabrina (gr. 12)

Vice President: Alexandra (gr. 11)

Treasurer: Beatrice (gr. 11)

Athletics Director: Alexander (gr. 11)

Marketing Director: Nikita (gr. 11)

Media Arts Designer: Anna (gr. 11)

Grade 10 Rep: Gleb (gr. 10)

Grade 11 Rep: Sophia (gr. 11)

Congratulations and Prestige School looks forward to the ideas this year’s council comes up with. Thank you to Ms. Yana for organizing the student council.


On Wednesday, February 14th, Prestige students can wear red, white, and pink to bring Valentine’s Day cheer to the school. If students do not have these colours, then they must be in school uniform.

The high school student council has organized two events for students on Valentine’s Day. Candy grams and a Valentine’s semi-formal dance. Students in KG to grade 12 can send a sweet message along with a delicious treat to their friends: $3 for one candy gram, or $7 for three candy grams. Candy grams are available for sale during recess and lunch. Purchase now and candy grams will be delivered on Valentine’s Day.

Students in grade 6 to 8 are invited to the Valentine’s Day semi-formal dance from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the gymnasium. All students in grades 6 to 8 are encouraged to come dressed nicely and be prepared for an enjoyable afternoon. Tickets are available for purchase starting Monday, February 5th, for $5 and includes a bag of chips, a soft drink, and access to all the fun activities. There will also be a variety of other snacks available for purchase during the dance.

Thank you for supporting the student council’s initiatives and spreading love and happiness within our school community.


On Tuesday, January 30th, students in KG to grade 2 had a blast exploring an indoor playground at Epic Fun Planet. On Wednesday, January 31st, students in grades 3 to 8 had an exhilarating day flying down snowy hills on tubes at Snow Valley. Check out our gallery for more pictures.


February 5

High School Basketball Game versus TWS

February 7

High School Final Report Cards

High School Basketball Game versus NGS

February 8

Chinese New Year Lunch for high school students

February 9

Elementary Preliminary Report Cards

February 9 – 10

DECA Provincial Competition

February 12

100th Day School (KG to gr. 3)

High School Basketball Game versus PACE

February 14

Valentine’s Day (wear pink/red/white)

Valentine’s Day Semi-Formal Dance @ 3p.m. (gr. 6 – 8)

High School Basketball Game versus TPS

February 15

Raptors 905 Field Trip (gr. 3 – 8)

February 16

P.D. Day (Whole School)

High School Progress Report Cards

February 18

Royal Canadian Legion Public Speaking Contest

February 19

Family Day (No School)

February 21

Canadian Computing Competition (University of Waterloo)

High School Basketball Game versus HC

February 23

Casual Day

Pizza Lunch

February 26

Character Education – INTEGRITY @ 10:15 a.m.

High School Basketball Game versus KCS

February 28

Pink Shirt Day (awareness in support of anti-bullying)

Pascal Contest (gr. 9), Cayley Contest (gr. 10), Fermat Contest (gr. 11) (University of Waterloo)

High School Basketball Game versus SJA

February 29

Mess for On Site Field Trip (KG – gr. 2)